Sunday, September 23, 2007


take a look, pick your favourite and write@ contact us! enjoy all this pastrilicious only from ARABI BAKERY:)

Mexico bun

Kaya bun

Flower bun

Serunding mayo

Almond butter

Pizza slice

Roll bun

Cream bun

Choc chip bun

Sardine bun

Hawaiian pizza

Mix veggie bun

Cheese pizza

Sardine pizza

Red bean bun

Cheese pizza


all buns in a clean and clear wrapper

Cheese bun in the making

Almond butter in the making

Mushroom pizza

Mix veggie bun

before (cheese pizza)

after :) (cheese pizza)

mini egg tarts

fruit tartless! (highly recommended)

Chic pie

hot from the oven!

ready to be delivered! :)

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