Saturday, September 22, 2007

big bday cake

This big bday cake was specially designed for Mohd Faris Haziq for his 2nd birthday party.With strawbey mousse, the real strawbery fruits, M&Ms.. what more can he says.please judge the taste by the look;)

irressitable strawbery cake! they love the number figure!

haziq counting the M&Ms!

happy birthday haziq!!

interested to designed in your own style? let us do the work! any number,any fruits in any colors,just let us know;)


Zilli said...

Well said.

Nurul said...

Hi Kak B...
thanks for the wonderful cuppies that u've made yesterday! semua orang exited sangat tengok cuppies tuh and sayang pulak nak makan rasanya..huhuhu
i'll email u the pic so that u can upload it in the blog :-)